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Premade Book Covers

Ebook Covers - $30     Full Wrap Covers - $60
                              (including ebook cover)

* Only simple changes can be made, such as eye or hair color, fonts or font color.

** To claim a cover featured on this page, click the button on the bottom of this page and complete the short request form.

*** Important Note - Claimed covers will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis.

Custom Ebook Covers - $50      Custom Full Wrap Covers - $85 
                                                       (including ebook cover)      
* To request a custom cover, please click the button at the bottom of the page to complete an Interest Form.
*Be sure to check back often, as new covers will be uploaded regularly.
Don't see what you're looking for? No problem! Click the button below to Suggest a Cover that you are looking for and we'll do our best! And no worries, it's completely anonymous! Thank you!

Premade Ebook Covers

West Premade.jpg
Flying High Premade.jpg
Frosted Premade.png
Justice Premade-2.png
Predator Premade.jpg
Scorched Premade.jpg
Shield Premade.jpg
Don't look back premade.jpg
Whispers Premade.jpg
Fortress Premade.jpg
Missing Piece Premade.png
Hyjacked Premade.jpg
The Watcher premade-2.jpg
The Ranch premade.jpg
GuardiAnne premade.jpg
Warrior Princess premade.jpg
Unexpected premade.jpg
Boos Premade.jpg
Letters Home Premade.jpg
Tainted Premade.jpg
The Crush Premade.jpg

Premade Full Wrap Covers

West full wrap cover.jpg
flying high premade wrap.jpg
Frosted premade wrap.png
Justice premade wrap.png
predator premade wrap.jpg
scorched premade wrap.jpg
Shield premade wrap.jpg
Don't Look Back Premade Wrap.jpg
whispers premade wrap.jpg
Fortress Wrap cover.png
Missing Piece full wrap.png
Hyjacked full wrap.jpg
The Watcher Full Wrap-2.png
The Ranch full wrap cover.png
GuardiAnne Full wrap.png
Warrior Princess Full Wrap.png
Unexpected full wrap.png
Boss Full Wrap .png
Letters Home full Wrap .jpg
Tainted full wrap.png
the crush premade wrap.jpg
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