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TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Check out this STUNNING cover for A Gift of Jacinth by Allie McCormack!

A Gift of Jacinth Author: Allie McCormick Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pre-Order now available for JUST 99 CENTS:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Official Release: June 3, 2019

BLURB: Douglas needed a miracle. What he got was a genie...

Veterinarian Douglas McCandliss considered himself an ordinary kinda guy with an ordinary kinda life. He had no idea why he'd bought the old silver teapot, and when a young woman appeared before him claiming to be a genie, he almost wished he hadn't. If only she wasn't so damned cute.

Ebullient and cheerful, Jacinth loved granting wishes and helping people. So she was thrilled when her teapot's new owner, a single father with custody of two young children, asked her to stay until he could find a nanny. The problem was, the longer she stayed, the more she was attracted to Douglas, and she was certainly not willing to turn over care of Ben and little Molly to just anybody. But she was a 900 year old genie, and had no intention of falling in love with a mortal man. None whatsoever.

A Gift of Jacinth is a charming, playful paranormal romance novel with a happy ever after and no cliffhanger.

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We are so excited to announce that earlier this week we added a new service to our menu! Yours Truly Book Services now offers Social Media Management! We know as an author, what you really enjoy doing is writing and sharing your stories. So, we have found another way to try to make that easier for you without breaking your bank. With Social Media Management, we can post across all of your social media accounts, groups, and pages for you, allowing you to strictly focus on your writing. With this service, you can choose if you want to supply the information to be posted, or we can create the posts for you. If we create the posts for you, we will work with you to create a plan for your social presence, what you want your accounts to say about you and your brand, and will be sure to include your WIPs and writing news as well.

NEED HELP SETTING UP THOSE ACCOUNTS, GROUPS, AND PAGES? No problem! We can assist with that as well. Again, working with you to create a solid, desirable social media presence, we can get you started on the right foot! Please see out Author Services page on this site for pricing and further details.

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