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Saints of Crow Duet

Riot Hearts

Rebel Kingpin

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Riot Hearts Blurb:

They might've been descendants of a saint, but they all sinned.

It took the death of her family to make Emory understand St. Crow is a city filled with monsters disguised in expensive suits and black ties. As the only heiress to the fortune her parents left behind, she is the most crucial pawn to power and one that everyone in the social elite is out to get. That includes River Sinclair— her annoyingly attractive childhood rival, who happens to be the son of the most ruthless businessman in town. While their lives may always intertwine, River isn't interested in pretending to be her friend—even when his father commands him to. Behind the cold mask, things are falling apart, and he blames her.

River makes sure she knows he hates her.

Emory makes it clear she isn't scared of him.

He says he wants to take her down.

So why is he the one falling?

Note: This book is the first in a duet and ends with a cliffhanger

Rebel Kingpin Blurb:

St. Crow is on fire, and everyone knows who lit it.

The fallen protégé met his match and lost. Now his father is welcoming him back with open arms. But they all underestimated Emory Lauder. Miraculously, she's back, and River is forced to make a choice. He chooses her. Turns out St. Crow underestimated them both. Still, the question remains: why did someone kill the Lauders? Emory and River want answers, and they'll watch the city burn to the ground if they have to. Hell, they'll even start the fire themselves. But fire is uncontrollable. There's no guarantee they won't get burned too. Can their relationship stand the heat?

Emory and River have always been like gasoline and flames.

Everyone knows what happens if you mix the two.

It explodes.

Who’s going down with them?

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