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Cover Reveal - Asphalt Cowboy’s Star by Marie Savage

Asphalt Cowboy's Star

Author: Marie Savage Author

Genre: Contemporary romance/steamy southern

The Asphalt Cowboy

The lonesome highway never bothered Luke McIntyre before, that is, until he found the love of his life. He thought he had his future plans all mapped out, but being away from his lady, Aimee Jo, and an unexpected loss, has him not knowing which way to turn. Then his best friend makes him an offer he can’t refuse, but will it be enough to get his life back on track and marry the girl of his dreams?

The Girl

Aimee Jo Elliot has found her happily ever after … sort of. She is happy to be living with Luke and making a home for them to share, even though she doesn’t have the ring and the proposal she is still dreaming of. Plus, she still hasn’t forgotten about her dream of being a country music star. When an opportunity by the name of country music sensation Colt Rivers shows up at her door, will her dream of becoming a star come true? Will it be possible to have both dreams or will she have to choose between love and fame?

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