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✫✫Dirty Empire by K.D. Clark✫✫


Genre: Romance-Suspense (Dark Romance)

Blurb: I married a monster.

Years ago my husband was the perfect man, until I was faced with his abusive side. I’ve made mistakes in my life but getting caught in the middle of an affair has to be in the top ten. I thought my husband would kill me but Maverick saved me. He seemed like my knight in shining armor. However, Maverick comes with his own set of baggage.

How will this tangled web of destruction and lust unravel? Dirty Empire will thrill, anger, push and prod you to the edges of your imagination!

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About the Author: 

K.D Clark is a Romantic Suspense author who enjoys drinking large amounts of coffee and reading good books about bad boys. She lives with her high school sweetheart and is a dog mom to two amazing pit bulls. She spends every minute she can either working on her books or reading the great works of other romance authors. 

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