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Descent by Diana G. Miller

Paranormal - New Adult Romance

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Serafina is human; or so she thought. Orphaned at sixteen, she is sent to live with her only remaining relative in a small, rural town. Recruited by a dark, alluring young man to attend the prestigious St. Michael’s Academy, she is thrust into the secret underworld of demon hierarchy where one must fight to survive.

Justin rules the demon hierarchy along with his grandfather the Arch Demon, who has taken a special interest in Sera.

Martin is the Watcher; an Archangel with one goal in mind: to eradicate the demons from the Earth, protecting the human race for all time.

All three are thrown together in this sage of time and tragedy, with Sera torn in the middle. Will they bind themselves together in order to save their own species, or burn in the chaos? A millennia old struggle comes to a head in the first book of The Demon Chronicles trilogy.

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