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Obsessed is in the WILD.


Blurb -

When Vanessa losses Sebastian to rehab once again, she finds passion in the most unexpected person.

Vanessa and Sebastian have been best friends forever, but they’re not just friends, they’re friends with benefits. This arrangement has never been a problem, but Vanessa starts to long for more. How much longer can she stand the empty bed and a note on the bedside table the morning after?

When Sebastian, a sexy drummer with a bad boy attitude, falls back into his bad habits, Vanessa watches him go to rehab with a broken heart, again. But the lead singer of Sebastian’s band, Jessie, is ready to cheer her up. Vanessa needed a shoulder to cry on; instead, she found a dom she can’t help but want to please. Jessie ignites her body in ways she’s never imagined and slowly inches his way into her heart. 

Vanessa didn’t want to fall in love, especially with a man so different from Sebastian, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants. 

The only problem is, Jessie is Sebastian’s younger brother.

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