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Mixed Feelings by HIllary Devisser

Genre - Contemporary Romance

Release Date - February 16th 2021

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All Georgia wants is a simple life, unobtrusively lived. After all the twists and turns sheโ€™s been through recently, she copes by keeping things routine.

Calm. Quiet.

It just feels safer that way. She considers the confines of her hometown to be a comfort, not a cage.

All Alex wants out of life is to bring about positive change. To him, existence is all about transformation.

Adventure. Experience.

Allergic to provinciality, he needs the pulse of a crowd, the thrum of night life, and ever-changing scenery to feel alive.

When Alex returns to his hometown to care for his ailing father, the childhood best friends see one another in a brand new light. Can a thirty-year-old friendship sustain the heat of a romance when all signs point to a mismatch?

All about the author:

I'm a Midwestern native in love with my neck of the woods. Rolling hills, cornfields and a slower pace of living serve as the perfect backdrop for writing small town, second chance romances. Writing has always been my passion and escape and I'm thrilled to slowly but surely add to my collection of stories. The best ideas seem to hit on long drives through gravel roads with good music blaring. My one-horse-town characters are flawed but good-hearted. I hope you see a bit of yourself in them, wherever you may be.

Where to find HIllary:

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