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Spotlight Author of the Month - May

Q: How long have you been writing? How long have you been published? What genre do you write? A: I've been writing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil! But, I've been writing to publish, since I finished my first novel in 2000. That was Truck Stop, which was published in October 2001. I write romance genre; mostly paranormal romance, but also multicultural, and occasionally, contemporary; but paranormal is where my heart lies.

Q: Are you a full time author? Or, do you have another "day job?" If you have another job, what is it, if you don't mind? A: I'm a full-time author, as I'm disabled. I was a career medical transcriptionist back in the day before they outsourced all the work to India.

Q: What kind of books do you like to read? Who's your favorite author? A: I read romance primarily, but I've been known to branch out. I don't have a favorite author, I have about a dozen favorites :) Georgette Heyer, Nora Roberts, Anne McCaffrey, Dick Francis, Christine Feehan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jenny Schwartz, Jennifer Ashley

Q: What book or books would you recommend to everyone?

A: Lord of the Rings!!!!

Q: When you were 5 (really young) what did you want to be when you grew up? How about as a teenager? A: When I was 5, I wanted to be a ballerina. As a teenager, I wanted to raise horses! I was the typical horse-struck teenage girl, with only rare access to riding.

Q: Any hobbies, passions, or obsessions? A: My real passion, aside from writing, is SecondLife, a virtual game on the computer. I'm Elysa Swansong there. I like to be in SL with my avatar in a library or someplace inspirational, while I'm writing in real life :)

Q: Top two Bucket List items? A: 1. Take a Steamboat down the Mississippi to New Orleans 2. See the Taj Mahal

Q: If we were to ask family/friends what is your biggest quirk, what would they say? A: Umm... <gulps> Okay. I disappear into my "cave" now and then... I go completely incommunicado, I don't answer phone or texts (or the door, when they lived close enough), for sometimes weeks at a time. It makes them crazy!

Q: Homebody or Socialite? A: Homebody, definitely! I'm not only an introvert, I'm a recluse. If I have to go out and be social, I can, of course... then I run home and shut myself inside and swear I'll never do it again... til next time, of course <laughs>

Q: TV or Neflix? A: Neither! Amazon Prime with CBS All-Access so I can watch my beloved Criminal Minds (last season), NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and FBI!

Q: Cats and Dogs or Birds and Reptiles? A: Cats! I have two, both rescues. Levi is white with black splotches, and Tobi is a Maine Coon mix; both are long-hair, which makes wearing black pretty much out of the question!

Q: Cooking or Cleaning? A: Cooking! Cleaning is ugggghhhhh... and there's no point to doing it, because it always has to be done over again! I have a maid service come in once a month and take care of it, LOL!

Q: On your man: Boxers or Briefs? A: Briefs!

Q: Would you like to tell us about your family? Kids, spouse, Significant Other, siblings, parents, etc? A: One daughter who's pregnant now with my first grandchild, and it's going to be a girl! She has a wonderful husband who's very supportive of her all the time. We're on great terms. My mom's a retired mail carrier and is passionate about family geneology. She's married to the most brilliant man, my stepdad, who's a retired veterinary pathologist and is our own personal go-to person for the most interesting information on almost anything!

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