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Spotlight Novel

The Savannah Stargazer: A Civil War Romance by Nicola Italia 

Genre: Historical Romance


Elizabeth Suzannah Dupree lives a pampered life on a Georgia plantation surrounded by her family and friends. “Zasu,” as she is affectionately known, wants nothing more than to run the orange grove plantation when her father retires and live her life in peace. She has no use for society parties, gossip, or even worse, a husband. Which suits the men of Savannah just fine, for, as beautiful as she may be, no one wants an independent, business-minded woman like Zasu for a wife.

But when Zasu meets dashing lawyer Gray Talbot, everything changes. Serious and quiet, Gray doesn't wave away her ambitions as fanciful or remind her of her place in society. Instead, he treats her as an equal, and makes her question her decision not to marry. But Gray is hiding secrets, secrets that will threaten their newfound admiration for each other...

Gray Talbot is an abolitionist. And preaching abolition in the South during the Civil War is dangerous. Despite threats and violence, Gray doggedly pursues his desire to see all people free and treated equally. But falling in love with a slave-holding Southern woman wasn't part of the plan.

As the Civil War looms with the election of Abraham Lincoln, the slaves on the Dupree Plantation are also affected. Abused at the hands of a white man, Zasu's maid, Renny, begins to open her eyes to the idea that there is more to life than living in bondage. 

When war breaks out, throwing the South and their way of life into chaos, Renny and her family must decide whether to remain on the plantation or take the dangerous route to freedom. And when tragedy occurs on the plantation, Zasu must decide what she truly believes and where her heart lies.

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