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I'd highly recommend using Yours Truly Book Services. I booked a free beta read from them and got way more than I expected. Dawn gave me a summary of her thoughts and even commented in the document. It was so awesome to see her real time reactions as she was reading. Dawn even went so far as to correct some of the errors in my manuscript. I can't wait to use them again. Thanks gals for all you do!           ~Ryleigh Sloan

I love working with Yours Truly! Rachel and Dawn are so easy to work with. They stay so organized and keep in contact with me every step of the way. I’ve worked with many PR companies throughout my career and they stand out to me because of their professionalism and genuine desire to make their authors succeed! This team is a must-have for each book’s launch plan. I won’t release without them.          ~Kiersten Modglin

I appreciate everything that Dawn and the team have done for me over the past five or so books. I've used Yours Truly Book Services for proofreading, graphics, and book launches. They are wonderful.          ~TK Cherry

Dawn and the team have been wonderful in helping me with my social media posts, beta read, and a book tour for my current release. I'm thrilled with the work and the extra time I've had to do my other work/projects. She has been professional, kind, and supportive of my work and schedule. I highly recommend working with Yours Truly Book Services!          ~ Amélie S. Duncan


I hired Dawn on a temporary basis and I would highly recommend Yours Truly Book Services to any authors who needs help with their social media platforms. Dawn was able to start on short notice and the transition into my team was seamless.

She went through a lot of trouble learning about me, so the content she posted reflected my brand. Post where made every single day for the duration of her employment. If I ever need cover leave again, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Dawn.      ~ Vi Carter    

Dawn has been my PA and alpha reader from the very start. She is dedicated to what she does and goes beyond the usual title. She interacts with my group members and keeps the room active and alive. Rachel is my Beta, a blogger and also does some PA work for me. She knows how to get attention. Both have totally surpassed what I have asked of them. Both are extremely friendly and responsive. They not only read and Beta, they proofread and also help to find possible teasers quotes and excerpts in my manuscripts. Dawn graphics and ideas for graphics are fantastic. She has literally set up several concise graphics for takeovers that are sure to be recognized as mine and makes interactive and announcement graphics for my group at the drop of a hat most of the time. Oh now, let me talk about my ARC room. Dawn is on top of her game. She not only lines everyone up to set up the send-off of Arc's but she stays on top of them to make sure they do what is asked, on time. Then she sends me spreadsheets telling me every detail. Who is collecting, who did not respond, who is not reviewing, and she compares them to all the other months so we have the best possible group. Rachel is also doing the same. Well deserved 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.           ~Monique Orgeron

Great PR company for indie authors!           ~ Rebecca Hefner

I currently use Yours Truly Book Services as my PA. Dawn and I hit it off right away! Its been a lifesaver having her manage my social media, promotions, and newsletters. I was always terrible at that stuff, and now I can focus on writing!           ~ Tia Sirrah

I've worked with Dawn for quite some time now and have been very pleased in all the ways she has helped me. Her hard work and go above and beyond attitude have been a blessing to me and I know many other authors. She is detailed, timely and caring. After I had three people proofread one of my books, Dawn offered to do a read through and she found even more errors. You couldn't ask for a more conscientious and hardworking person.          ~Connie Dave

I have the pleasure of working with Dawn over several books. her critiques are always honest and insightful. She works in a timely manner and has never missed a deadline. More so, she is a lovely person that loves her authors and the books she helps them with. She is and will continue to be my go-to beta.        ~J. A. Wynters

I love the Proofreading Services that I receive from Yours Truly Book Services. They want the hungry, young reader to succeed. I have been impressed with the professionalism and care they take with my work.          ~S. Cinders

I've mostly worked with Dawn at Yours Truly Book Services and I highly recommend both her and Yours Truly. These ladies have been instrumental in helping me get my debut book ready for release. Everything from beta reading to proofreading to formatting and teasers. They helped me with it all. Not to mention the countless questions that I had...about everything. Always answered quickly and with humor as well as professionalism. It has been like working on a project with a friend. Thanks Dawn and Rachel, for everything. I look forward to working with you on my next book as well.            ~A. J. Andersen

I 100% recommend Yours Truly. They are professional and always ready to help in any way they can. I look forward to using them for many more services in the future. They have reasonable prices and turn around times.          ~Lauren Tisdale

Rachel and Dawn have been wonderful to work with and I appreciate their professionalism and timeliness of getting stuff done. They stay in touch with regular updates and I will definitely be working with them in the future. highly recommend!          ~Cara Wade          

Rachel and Dawn are an absolute professional pleasure to work with!          ~ Brittany Weisrock (Lake Country Press)
I love Yours Truly. It was easy and very helpful. The ladies are so nice. I would recommend this website for any writer.            
                                                                                                                                                                        ~Aila Glass
These ladies are awesome! They worked around all my idiosyncrasies and did some amazing work promoting a trilogy release over the course of 6 weeks. Their graphics work was wonderful and the social media posts they did for us got a lot of compliments from other author friends. Thanks ladies!          ~Twi J. Bryant

What a service! I used Yours Truly for a beta reading service and they were absolutely fantastic in all aspects. Very professional, quick to respond and the service was over an above anything I could have imagined. If you're looking for book services, look no further, you've found your gals!           ~ Lynn Martin             

This is a top-notch service and I look forward to involving your services in all of my future writings.          ~Anonymous
The services went above and beyond. Thank you for an incredible experience!          ~Anonymous
I liked that Dawn & Rachel responded in a timely fashion always and were so easy to work with. They made this cover reveal so much smoother and less stressful. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with you ladies again.          ~Anonymous
Amazing. Dawn always provides a safe and professional environment with her own personal touch that makes you feel like a friend. I appreciate you.          ~Anonymous
I currently use Yours Truly for my PA service. They are an invaluable asset to me- as time is always a factor in me keeping up with social media posts. I don't worry if they will post or it will be inline with my brand. These ladies are awesome! They are responsive and communicate well. They have been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend their services to all my author friends.                                                                                                                                                                                          ~Dawn Brazil
I have had the utmost of pleasure working Dawn Lucous on many titles. She provides excellent and valuable feedback both in alpha and beta reading. Her turnaround time is great and I can't thank her enough for the promotions she's helped me with. Blessing of Luna wouldn't be where it's gotten without her. I'd definitely recommend any service she works with because I know she'll give it her all.         ~Blaise Ramsey

Your Truly has been AMAZING to partner with. They handled my formatting and not only was it affordable, but they were able to make additions to my book I didn't think of (ex: message to leave review, list of previous books).

Also - they finished formatting before deadline which is always great. I will be a returning customer. xo.           ~ Erin Lynne

Yours Truly makes the author believe in themself. They will bring out the best in your books and you. Cannot recommend highly enough.        ~Jennifer Jane Jennings

I used Truly Book Services for my proofreading and I must say they did am amazing job. The ladies were prompt and professional and their work was easy to follow. Thank you for working on my Debut Book Twisted Fate.          ~Tracey Jukes

I had a great experience with Yours Truly. They were fast, efficient and kind. I'll definitely be using them in the future.  

                                                                                                                                                                                       ~Laine Watson

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